Community Affairs

The Communications team includes the City’s communication manager, community affairs officer, creative designer/web specialist and Welcome Center receptionist. Together, they are responsible for communicating with the public through a variety of channels including:

Downtown Newark Partnership

The community affairs officer is also the administrator for the Downtown Newark Partnership (DNP). The DNP is a private/public partnership dedicated to the aesthetic, economic, cultural and social enhancement of downtown Newark. The Partnership has created a unique environment in which the City of Newark, businesses, residential communities, and the University of Delaware can work together toward a common goal: The ongoing enhancement of downtown Newark with mutual benefits.

Press Releases

  1. 2017 NPD Trading Card Project Begins

    City of Newark Police Department Announces 2017 Trading Card Project

    The City of Newark Police Department announced the official release of its 2017 trading cards this week. Officers and civilian employees of the Department will each have over 1,000 cards to distribute to members of the public now through June 11. Read on...
  2. Spring Concert Series Logo

    Newark Spring Concert Series Kicks Off With Global Flare

    Recognizing music is a language that speaks to everyone, the City of Newark Parks & Recreation Department spring concert series will explore culture and creativity through a diverse selection of music as it kicks off this month. Read on...
  3. UDon&#39t Need It? Logo

    UDon't Need It Recycling and Reuse Program

    The UDNI Student Move Out Project is a cooperative effort between the University of Delaware and the City of Newark. You can drop off pretty much anything you don't want (or your former tenants did not want) to move back home. Read on for additional info! Read on...
  4. City of Newark Logo

    Newark City Council Appoints Acting City Manager

    Following an executive session held during a special Council meeting on Monday night, Newark City Council unanimously voted to appoint Public Works and Water Resources department director Tom Coleman as acting city manager. Read on...
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