Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing (District 1)

What: The City of Newark, through its engineering consultants JMT, Inc. & TFE Resources, Inc., will conduct smoke testing of the sanitary sewer system throughout District 1. The smoke testing involves blowing smoke into the sewer lines. The smoke will reveal places where storm and other surface waters are entering the sanitary system in the area. During this testing, gray smoke may exit through vent pipes on roofs of homes and through sewer line breaks. Residents will be notified at least two days in advance of the testing in their area and a detailed flyer will be placed in their front door with pertinent information. For more information please contact the Public Works and Water Resources Department at 302-366-7000.

When: Starting the week of July 23 and lasting for two weeks

Where: Throughout District 1, which includes the neighborhoods of Nottingham Manor, Oakland, Cherry Hill, Nottingham Green, Christine Manor and Hunting Hills

Documents: Notice to Residents, Smoke Testing Map