Council Rec Memo Checklist

Checklist for Recommendation Memos to City Council on Contracts, Bids, and Other Purchases

                As outlined in City Code, all purchases above $25,000 require the approval of City Council. Below is a checklist of items relating to the recommendation memo’s format as well as the information required.

  • All recommendation memos should be on the department’s letterhead.
  • Memos should be addressed:
    • To: Honorable Mayor and Council
    • From: The department director 
    • Any others involved in the purchase
    • Via: The City Manager
  • The subject of the memo should have one of two titles:
    • “Recommendation to Award Contract/RFP [number]—[title of contract/RFP]
    • “Recommendation to Waive the Bid Process in Accordance with the Code of the City of Newark for the Purchase of [items/service being purchased]
  • Under the header BACKGROUND, a brief history of the project should be outlined, including an explanation of the need for the purchase as well as any information pertaining to the bidding process and the selected vendor. If the vendor is one familiar to the City, some examples of previous work should be included as well.
    • NOTE: If the recommendation is to waive the City’s normal bidding process, a thorough explanation of why this request is being made is required. Some examples include utilizing state or other government purchasing contracts or single source of supply. All waive bid recommendations must be approved by the City Manager.
  • Under the header FUNDING SOURCE, an explanation of where the funding is coming from is required. For example, an account number or CIP project number. The Finance Director’s approval is needed as well.
  • Under the header RECOMMENDED MOTION, the text of the motion that Council is being recommended to make should be written out. Two possible examples:
    • “I move that Council award Contract/RFP [number and title] to [vendor/contractor name and location] in the amount of [dollar figure].
    • “I move that Council waive the bid process in accordance with the Code of the City of Newark for the purchase of [items/service being purchased] from [vendor/contractor name and location] in the amount of [dollar figure].”