Electrical Engineering

About the Service

The city operates its own electric utility to provide electric services to commercial and residential customers within the city limits.

Power is purchased on the wholesale power market and delivered by the City of Newark. Several outgoing distribution circuits at 12,470 or 4,160 volts distribute power throughout the city. Approximately 12,800 customers are supplied power from these lines from small on-site transformers which reduce the voltage to an operating level.


Along with maintaining the electric infrastructure, which includes 175 miles of electric lines, substation sites, substation units, circuit breakers and transformers, the City of Newark must provide power lines, substations and underground utilities for new construction, both residential and commercial, as well as install power and expand services to new customers.

More Information

Open or close a utility account or transfer an existing account to a new address through an online request or call customer service at (302) 366-7000. For billing inquiries, please contact customer service at (302) 366-7000.