Salary & Fringe Benefits

Salary Information

In addition to the employee's base pay, longevity is awarded for service milestones. Also, after 10 years of service, Newark police officers receive a longevity service award equivalent to 2% of the monthly base salary, times years of service.

Fringe Benefits Information

Newark police officers enjoy an outstanding fringe benefits package. In addition, employees are permitted to choose their own benefits at a very low cost. The following benefits are available:
  • Health
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance Options

Full Pension Benefits

Eligible employees may participate in the city's pension plan which provides full pension benefits after 20 years of service as well as benefits upon total and permanent disability or death.

Time-Off & Leave

In addition, the city provides 12 paid holidays annually, two weeks paid vacation after one year of service, three weeks of vacation after five years, four weeks after 10 years, and five weeks after 20 years.

Additional Benefits

In addition to providing a highly competitive wage and fringe benefit package, the City of Newark also provides for all uniforms and equipment of police officers. Furthermore, an annual clothing and/or cleaning allowance is also provided.