Selection Policy & Progress

About the Policy

It is the policy of the City of Newark to foster, maintain, and promote equal employment opportunity to all persons. The city shall select employees on the basis of the applicant's qualifications without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, and physical or mental disability (except when age or disability is a bona fide occupational qualification).

The City of Newark seeks to select police officers from as broad a field of applicants as possible in order to obtain the most qualified and competent candidates. The selection of applicants shall be based on valid, applicable, and job-related qualification criteria.


Recruitment for Newark police officers is on a non-continuous basis. Applications are solicited only during the specified recruitment period and all applicants will be processed as a group. The most qualified applicants who meet the minimum qualification standards and who have successfully completed each phase of the selection process will be placed on the eligibility roster for one year.


Prospective police officer candidates must complete a City of Newark application online for employment and an Affirmative Action form. The completed, signed forms should be submitted by the last business day of the recruitment period to:
City Manager's Office
City of Newark
220 S. Main Street
Newark, DE, 19711

Each application will be screened to determine whether the minimum employment standards have been met. All applicants will be notified of their eligibility status by e-mail.

Phases of Selection Process

Qualified applicants will be eligible to compete in the selection process for police officers. The selection process will be job-related and competitive in nature. Each applicant must successfully complete the minimum requirements of each phase of the selection process to remain eligible.

Each candidate who fails to complete a phase of the selection process will be eliminated from further consideration and notified by mail. The phases of the selection process are as follows:

Written Examination

A minimum passing score of 70% must be obtained on the validated, standardized test for a police officer.

Oral Interview

The 35 candidates who achieve the highest passing scores on the examination will participate in an oral interview. Each candidate will be rated on the following traits: appearance, manner and bearing, motivation, oral expression, and judgment.

Eligibility Roster

The top 35 will receive a composite score from the written exam and oral interview. Bonus points will be added for relevant experience, education, and certification. Candidates will be ranked based upon their composite scores and then placed on an eligibility roster. All appointments during the following calendar year will be made from this roster.

Background Investigation & Physical Agility Test

A background investigation and physical agility test will be conducted on each applicant on the eligibility roster. An applicant may be disqualified from the roster if the background investigation reveals derogatory information pertaining to the character or conduct of the applicant.

The physical agility test will measure each applicant's speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, and agility. A passing score must be achieved to be considered further.


If an approved vacancy in a police officer position arises, the chief of police will interview the three highest rated applicants. The city manager will appoint one of the top three candidates from the eligibility roster to fill the position.

The probationary appointment is contingent on a favorable psychological evaluation and a positive assessment of the candidate's medical condition as determined by a pre-employment physical exam. The probation period for a police officer is one year.