Alderman's Court

About the Alderman

The Alderman's Court is designated as Court No. 40 and falls under the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware Chief Justice.

The Alderman is nominated by the governor and confirmed by state senate to decide all violations of city ordinances occurring within the city. The Alderman serves in the capacity of Chief Alderman in the state.

Cases Heard by the Alderman

In 2022, 8,876 citations were issued in the City of Newark and 2,367 were finalized through the Alderman's Court. Cases heard by the Alderman are:

  • Building Code
  • Animal Code
  • Alcohol
  • Disorderly Conduct Violations
  • Parking
  • Traffic


  • Paying Parking Violations - Make a payment by using the graphic buttons or mailing your payment to the address on the right.
Green Button to Pay Moving Violation or to make a Criminal Deferred Payment
Green Button to Pay or Appeal Parking Ticket

  • Entering a Not Guilty Plea - Enter a "not guilty" plea to the charges against you in the Alderman’s Court without having to appear for arraignment (the first appearance in the court) by printing the Prior Plea Agreement, filling it out, and returning it to the Alderman's Court 10 days prior to your arraignment date.
  • Requesting Certified Dispositions - Request a certified disposition of your case by printing the Application for Access form, complete it, and return it to the Alderman's Court for a copy of the transcript of case.
  • Helpful Hints for University of Delaware Students - We provide a guide for University of Delaware students who violate local laws.

About the Clerk of the Court

The Clerk of the Court is responsible for the daily operation of the Court, and reports to the Alderman on judicial matters and to the City Manager on administrative practices. Office functions include:

  • Maintenance of Court Records
  • Scheduling of Cases
  • Collection and Disbursement of Fines and Other Funds
  • Reporting to Numerous State Agencies