Victims & Witnesses


The Newark Police Department is committed to servicing the needs of victims and witnesses within the City of Newark. This page is designed to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding these services.

Crime victims and/or their families often suffer many unfamiliar emotions as a direct result of the crime. They might suffer both financial and physical burdens as well, but do not have the resources to seek help or know where to find it.

Non-Disclosure of Victim Information

The Newark Police Department does not disclose the residential address, telephone number, or place of employment of victims or their families except to other law enforcement officials or as provided by law.

Questions Regarding Case Status

Questions regarding the status of an ongoing investigation should be directed to the investigating officer at 302-366-7100.

Questions regarding the status of a person who has been arraigned or brought before a court should be directed to the appropriate court.

For more information regarding Victim / Witness Services, please contact the Victim Services Specialist Melissa Pennachi 302-366-7100 x3137.