Youth Police Academy

Police AcademyProgram Background

The Youth Police Academy program was first developed in 2001 as an extension of our Citizens’ Police Academy program.

This program is temporarily suspended.

Main Objective

The Youth Police Academy’s main objective was to target children, between 12 and 16 years of age, who had an interest in the law enforcement or emergency services profession.

Our First Year

After some small success in our first year and a growing interest, we decided to commit to offering the program on an annual basis.

Changes to the Program

With each new year the program is modified, which keeps it fresh and interesting. However, the most noticeable changes occurred in 2003 with the involvement of the University of Delaware Department of Public Safety.

With the assistance of the University of Delaware Department of Public Safety, we taught over 40 hours of instruction and graduated 35 cadets from this year’s program.