Our Mission


Our mission is to expose young adults, ages 12 through 16, to the requirements, the culture, the drawbacks, and the rewards of law enforcement and emergency services employment.

We work very hard at dispelling misconceptions and the myths created by Hollywood and others about this profession.

The Results

If we succeed in our mission, your child will have a better understanding of what it takes to be a police officer, a fire fighter, and/or a paramedic. And, if this is not a career goal, they will at least have an appreciation for the service these professions provide.

Program Restrictions

The program is not designed for children with disciplinary problems or "at risk" children. Although we have a boot camp atmosphere, we are neither designed for nor capable of dealing with troubled youth for the purposes of changing their behavioral problems.

Children must have some interest in our curriculum and they must agree to participate and cooperate throughout the program.