Mark Morehead


Mark was first elected to Newark City Council, to represent the residents of District 1, in April 2011. Mark was reelected in 2013, 2015, 2017 and is now serving his fourth term on Council.

Mark and his wife, Deb, moved to Newark in 1995. At that time, Mark was working with specialty electronic substrates. He was responsible for a team of engineers, solving worldwide customer challenges as well as developing materials and future technologies. This continued a data-driven career path that had started with a BS in Physics from Bates College in 1981. Although this career was technically intriguing, Mark began to feel that his life should include less corporate travel and more personal and community interaction.

In 2001, Mark made a major life change and started his own residential construction company. The company continues to focus on meeting the home maintenance needs of the senior citizens in the Newark area and creating safe, accessible, aging-in-place solutions to help them remain in their own homes. This has proven to be a fulfilling career based on helping people, while also including a solutions-based technical component.

Supporting the Community

Mark is involved in building the fabric of his neighborhood through maintaining the equipment for a neighborhood yard and garden tool-sharing program, helping start a neighborhood in-home pet sitting cooperative, helping to organize the annual neighborhood block party, and other neighborhood functions. Mark reads extensively, keeps honey bees, plants larger vegetable gardens every year, and attempts to live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Goal for Newark

Mark’s vision for Newark is based on continually improving the quality of life for the residents of the City by engaging and listening to the residents, then making the necessary decisions to ensure financial stability, supporting appropriate economic development, and constantly setting the expectation for absolute transparency. Mark believes our representative form of municipal government is inherently stronger when there is vibrant and open discussion about our current challenges and planning for the future, while working within the fiscal realities of a responsible budget. Mark encourages residents to call or text his cell (302) 521-9525 for the quickest contact or response.

Mark believes Newark is a truly deserving, nationally-recognized Main Street award community, offering a variety of great restaurants, cultural and educational opportunities, beautiful neighborhoods, parks and trails for walking or biking, neighborhood skatespots for boards, scooters and bikes, a variety of volunteer opportunities, and all located within reasonable distance of larger metropolitan areas.

Let’s continue to make Newark an even greater place to live!