Unacceptable Materials

Materials Unacceptable for Collection

Unacceptable material placed for collection will be tagged by crews. This tag will indicate why it is not acceptable. Upon receipt of a tag, the resident shall make the necessary corrections and place the material for the next regular collection or call for a bulk item pickup.

Refuse not acceptable for normal collection may be picked up at the discretion of the Public Works Department without prior notice to owner, and owner will be invoiced for collection.

Examples of Unacceptable Materials

  • Dangerous material such as radioactive waste, acids, caustics, explosives, or toxic gases.
  • Material and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, or repairs with a total weight not exceeding 100 lbs. for 35- gallon cart, 200 lbs. for 65-gallon cart and 250 lbs. for a 95-gallon cart.
  • Material containing hot or warm coals.
  • Materials from buildings where highly infectious or contagious diseases have prevailed, except with the approval of appropriate public health authorities.
  • Materials not prepared and/or stored and/or placed for collection properly.
  • Other materials considered hazardous by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (refer to DSWA Hazardous Waste IP).
  • Refuse placed outside issued carts.
  • Rubber tires.
  • Yard waste of any kind is not accepted in regular refuse pick up.

Request a Fee Pick-Up of Bulk Items

If you have more than four items for a bulk collection and would like to put it all out at the curb, you may do so for a fee. The invoice is based on the time it takes the driver to collect the items and an invoice will be mailed to you. For current rates or to schedule a fee pickup, call Public Works for current rates at (302) 366-7000.

Licensed Private Collectors

If you do not wish the city to remove such material, there are a number of licensed private collectors in the area who may also be contacted, or if you wish you can take the material directly to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority - Pigeon Point Landfill/Cherry Island 302-764-2732.