Water and Wastewater

Water Treatment

The department is responsible for the new surface water treatment facility that operates with a capacity of three million gallons per day.

The stored water is treated at the plant to bring the quality up to state Public Health Department standards. The water treatment process includes aeration to reduce acidity, chlorination, lime addition, iron sequestering, and fluoridation.

Water Distribution

The water distribution system provides water services to 33,000 customers including 26,463 residents. More than 1.3 billion gallons of water is pumped through 91 miles of pipe annually to serve 7,500 water service connections. In addition, the city services 1,300 commercial and industrial accounts.


More than 2.2 billion gallons of sewage is transported annually through the city's 73 miles of sewer distribution lines. The sanitary sewer system operates on a gravity system. With the help of two primary pumping stations, sewage which originates from the city flows through the New Castle County system and is delivered to the Wilmington Regional Wastewater Treatment facility.