Newark's Planning and Development History

Historical Events

Year Historical Event
1949 First Zoning Code and Map adopted by council
1956 First Subdivision Regulations Ordinance adopted by council
1969 First City Comprehensive Development Plan completed and adopted
1970 Zoning Code reorganized and updated
1972 Floodplain Regulations adopted
1978 Zoning Code reorganized and updated
1978 Subdivision Regulations reorganized and updated
1979 First Town & Gown Community Survey conducted
1980 Unicity Bus Service begins
1980 Fiscal Impact Model issued (subsequently updated periodically)
1983 Council approves Business License System after report is issued
1983 Historic Buildings of Newark Report issued
1983 Christina Parkway opens linking S. College Avenue with Elkton Road
1984 Second City Town & Gown Community Survey conducted
1986 Commerce in Newark: A Plan for the Future report issued; authored by University Professor Jeffrey B. Miller; – among other things, resulted in the first Newark Nite
1986 Council approves Downtown Zoning Code Parking Waiver System
1987 Comprehensive Development Plan II issued
1988 Asian Wars Memorial erected
Planning Department assumes responsibility for Newark Business Association
1989 Third Town & Gown Community Survey completed; eventually issued as a report by the National League of Cities
1989 Council approves Off-Campus Housing Regulations after report is issued
1991 Council approves Adult Community Zoning District
1991 Council approves Main Street Improvement Program after report is issued
1992 Participation begins in the FEMA’s “Community Rating System,” providing flood insurance rate reductions for impacted Newark property owners
1995 Council approves Historic Preservation Ordinance
1995 Council approves “Neo-traditional” land use planning Zoning Code amendments
1998 Council approves HyettPalma Downtown Report recommendations
1998 Downtown Newark Partnership established
1998 Planning Department assumes responsibility for the old Newark Parking Authority.
2000 112 acre Koelig property acquired for proposed Newark Reservoir
2001 New York Times features the adaptive reuse of the old NVF Mill property for the Mill at White Clay commercial, retail, residential and office complex
2003 Comprehensive Development Plan III issued
2003 James F. Hall Bike Trail opened for public use
2005 CSX Mural Project completed
2007 Small Business Administration names Newark, “Small Business Community of the Year"
2008 Comprehensive Development Plan IV issued
2008 Council renames the “Planning Department,” the “Planning and Development Department"
2009 Department assumes responsibility for Building Department; renamed Code Enforcement Division
2010 A new “Brand” and slogan for downtown Main Street is adopted – “A New Day Everyday!”
2010 “LEED” type mandatory Building Code requirements for new construction in major subdivisions approved by City Council
2011 Economic Development Study Consultant Report issued
2011 National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Program awards the Downtown Newark Partnership the “Great American Main Street” honor
2012 Council approves Science Technology Campus (STC) Zoning district
2012 Council approves amendments to BB zoning to provide bonuses for 1 and 2 bedroom units
Council approves 476 rental apartment units, more than any one year on record and nearly equivalent to the previous 12 years combined
Council approved “No-Impact” Home-Based Business ordinance
2014 Rental Housing Needs Assessment Study begins Phase I work
Planning and Development takes responsibility for facilities maintenance and custodial service for all City holdings
2015 Council approves revised definitions and regulations regarding “accessory use” and “neighborhood”
2015 Planning and Development takes responsibility for parking enforcement services
2015 Rental Housing Needs Assessment Study Phase I completed
Code mandated Parking Requirements and Parking Waiver Study begins
Council approves Comprehensive Development Plan V