Dwendolyn Creecy

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Dwendolyn (Wendy) Creecy is the newly elected councilwoman for District 4. She was motivated to run for office because of the current state of politics and to better her community. Councilwoman Creecy began her political career while caring for children in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Her house was a safe house for the children in her community where she would provide food, homework help, and a safe environment. She previously served as Council-at-Large, Judge of Elections, and Committee person from 2003-2006.

Councilwoman Creecy’s goals are to have a clean environment and to watch out for our carbon print, to create a better relationship between minorities and government officials, to get the potholes fixed behind Madison Drive for our bikers and constituents, to create harmony with the police and the people that they serve, to get help for the elderly and mentally disabled residents when they are in distress and to work with the P.A.L. (Police Athletic League) program to get children in District 4 a chance to have mentors and maintain pride in their community. She hopes to make the City better by bringing a new vision for our growth. She feels she will be an asset to the City by helping to put focus on our most vulnerable constituents.

Councilwoman Creecy is self-employed. She is the COO of her family business that concentrates on crash décor. She has also created a dental assistant program at the Dawn Career Institute in 2006 that graduated over 300 students. She has worked with Del Tech in the Allied Health department where she taught General Biology, Anatomy, and Medical Terminology.

Councilwoman Creecy is from West Philadelphia and graduated from Temple University where she studied social sciences and pre-med. Her favorite place to be is in her hometown or in a giving position. The weirdest job she’s held was flower delivery. She loves music, singing, and dancing. Her favorite time of year is Autumn and her favorite holiday is Christmas. Surprisingly, her father was one of the original Delfonics, and she had the first late-night TV show in Wilmington called the WindySkyy Show.

Three words used to describe Councilwoman Creecy are understanding, patient, and overachiever. She is inspired by her parents by participating in service jobs including a policeman, fireman, paramedic, army service, and top administrator positions. “Success to me is not what you have, but what you have done to make the world a better place. Heroes are not in the movies or sports, but they are everyday individuals fighting to keep our environment safe and to keep the peace between all humans.” Councilwoman Creecy hopes to be heard, appreciated, and taught in her new position. She is about transparency and growth.