Bicycle Routes

New Bike Map Outlines Safe Routes in Newark

Cycling around the campus and Newark area is the favored form of transportation for many students, staff, faculty, and others living in the area. To assist cyclists, the Newark Traffic Relief Committee (NTRC) has prepared a Newark City Bicycle Map showing bike routes throughout the city and offering reminders about bicycle safety and traffic laws.

A team of University of Delaware and City of Newark personnel work with Steven Spindler Cartology of Philadelphia to create the map.

"Bicycle safety is a major concern for city residents and University students and faculty," said Lisa Moreland of the UD Institute of Public Administration, who served as the project coordinator.

Map Details

The bicycle routes are keyed so cyclists can see if there is a bike lane, a paved or unpaved off-the-road bike path, or a road shared with other vehicles. Caution areas also are designated.

The map also includes rules of the road, what bike equipment is needed, and the common causes of accidents, plus the names of bike repair shops. It also points out bike lockers and bike-friendly rail service locations.

Designed to assist cyclists in the safe planning of recreational and commuting trips around the city, the map is one component of an education campaign by an NTRC subcommittee to encourage safe cycling.

Route Map

The bicycle map is available online. Printed copies are available by calling the Planning and Development Department at 302-366-7000.