Smart Meter Project

In early 2012, the Water and Wastewater Department determined the need to replace a large number of water meters due to age. This requirement brought a renewed interest in considering the move towards smart meters. Additional research and auditing occurred and it was determined that the installation of smart meters for both water and electric customers citywide could provide increased revenue from water sales due to improved accuracy, operational cost savings, and a base for a wi-fi mesh throughout the City. Our project does not require residents and businesses to fund the purchase and implementation of the smart meters (and all associated equipment and software) as the project will be implemented through a guaranteed performance contract that allows the savings generated by the project to pay for its costs over a period of years.

Newark's Smart Meter Project Fast Facts

  • More efficient water and electric meter reading (water will also be read monthly);
  • Organizational efficiencies;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Website with up-to-date utility usage information;
  • Increased opportunities for leak detection - reduced waste;
  • Outage management improvements - increased reliability;
  • Positive Public Safety impacts (camera‚Äôs and laptops); and
  • Greater in-field operation capabilities.