Physical Agility Test

Applicants will participate in a health and exercise assessment conducted by CardioKinetics, Inc. CardioKinetics is a medical provider based out of Newark, DE.  

Your health and exercise assessment will be conducted by Exercise Physiologist from CardioKinetics and will include the following assessments:

  1. Body Fat Analysis - 3 site Lang Skin Caliper pinch test
  2. Exercise ECG - You will follow a standard modified Balke Protocol while on a treadmill. Your blood pressure and ECG tracings will be monitored while you are on the treadmill.
  3. Musculoskeletal Assessment - 1 min. Push Up Test - You will complete as many push ups as you can in one minute
  4. Musculoskeletal Assessment - 1 min. Sit Up Test - You will complete as many sit ups as you can in one minute.
  5. Grip Strength Test - You will use a grip dynamometer to determine overall grip strength.
  6. Sit and Reach Test - You will do a sit and reach assessment to determine hamstring flexibility.
  7. Core and Low Back Assessment - You will perform a series of movements for our team to assess and evaluate over all core and low back strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and potential injury.
You should try your best on all assessments.  Your scores will be weighed and graded according to your age and gender norms provided by the Cooper Institute.