Register For

  1. Vote

    Access pertinent information about the upcoming election.

  2. Events as a Vendor

    All you need to know to become a vendor at any of our community events.

  3. InformMe

    Newark's Citizen Notification System provides you with the opportunity to select the information you want to receive and the delivery method(s) through which you want to receive it.

  4. City E-news

    Important and relevant city information is sent to your inbox. You may also opt-in to receive monthly Parks and Recreation e-newsletters.

  5. Paperless Billing

    Reduce the clutter in you mailbox and your home or office by signing up for paperless utility billing through your eCare account.

  6. Parks and Recreation Activity

    Four easy ways to register for any of the numerous Parks and Recreation activities.

  7. Peddler/Vendors' License

    If you wish to make door-to-door sales or operate a vendor stand or vehicle in the city, you must obtain a peddlers/vendors' license.

  8. Senior Roll Call Lifeline