Community Events

  1. Winter/Spring Event Listing

    A full calendar of winter/spring events to get people out of winter hibernation and celebrating the warmer weather.

  2. Summer Event Listing

    The weather is warm and the sun is shining. Summer is filled with celebrations and festivals.

  3. Fall Event Listing

    Weather is getting cooler, people are back from the beach, days are shorter and the leaves are changing. It is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the fall holidays and celebrations.

  4. Sponsorship Opportunities

    There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community by supporting any of our wonderful community events. Find out how!

  5. Vendor Information Package

    Interested in displaying and selling your wares, distributing information, or selling food at one of our events? This package has all the information you need.

  6. Event Parking

    Follow the link for information regarding parking during City of Newark events.