Water Conservation Tips and Techniques

Water Composition graphicWater Conservation Devices

The city has available water conservation devices including low flow shower heads and water saving devices to retrofit older plumbing fixtures. We also notify our customers when we believe that there may be a leak on their property. If requested we will do what we can to identify the source of the leak.

Water conservation is an important part of our program and everyone’s involvement is important. Here are ways that you can help.

Checking for Leaks

If you think that you have a leak you can perform the following check.
  • Turn off all water in the house and make sure that it remains off while you perform the following check.
  • With the water off locate the water meter and observe the face of the meter. On the face there will be one or more of the following. An analog counter that looks like the odometer on a car, a dial that rotates when water is being used and a small star, triangle, or other similar shape which is a leak detector. If there is a leak the leak detector will be moving at a rate consistent with the size of the leak.

If you think you have a leak check faucets for drips including outdoor fixtures.

Another likely source is the toilet tank. Using food coloring, or tablets that we have available at the Water Department office, color the water in the toilet tank on the back of the toilet. After about 30 minutes and without using the toilet check the bowl to see if the water has changed color or remains clear. If the water has changed color the flap valve is bad and needs to be replaced or repaired. A plumber can do this for you or you can get the needed parts at your local hardware store.

Additional Water Resources