Apply For

  1. Building Permit

    Planning a home improvement project? How about renovating for a new business venture? If so, please read this.

  2. Business License

    What you need to know for your business license.

  3. Buyer's Affidavit

    All purchasers of property in the City of Newark must visit the Planning and Development Department.

  4. Electric Service

    Moving into a new address and you need to set up a utility account.

  5. Jobs

    Job openings are posted as positions become available. They are also advertised in the Sunday News Journal.

  6. Park or Facility Rental

    Rent the George Wilson Center for a meeting or special occasion. Handloff Park, Fairfield Park, and Dickey Park are available to reserve by calling the Parks and Recreation Office at (302) 366-7060.

  7. Parking Permit

    Parking permits in residential areas.

  8. Police Report

    Fee charged and ID required.

  9. Rental Permit

    The City of Newark requires all properties that are not owner-occupied but are leased to a tenant to acquire a yearly rental permit.