McKees Solar Park

McKees Solar Park Logo FINAL_thumb.jpgMcKees Park is a 3.91-acre brownfield site off East Cleveland Avenue in Newark, Delaware being redeveloped for the purpose of a 230-kilowatt solar farm. This behind-the-meter renewable power source will serve all residents by reducing the City’s peak power demand, lowering the wholesale cost of power, generating solar renewable energy credits, bringing locally produced green energy to the City’s electric users, and reducing the City’s carbon footprint. The 900-panel array will produce enough electricity to power approximately 26 to 36 homes, depending on the season. Commercial operation is anticipated before the end of summer 2014. Questions about the McKees Solar Park can be directed to the City of Newark at (302) 366-7000.

City Council initially approved the project in 2012, but more recently, City leadership supported efforts of Newark’s Conservation Advisory Commission to include public participation in the funding process. Residents and businesses will be able to share in the park’s success by making a tax-deductible donation representing the cost of a panel or a partial panel by completing an online donation / investment form here and clicking 'Submit Form' at the end of the document. A version for print is available here and can be submitted at City Hall, 220 South Main Street, Newark, DE 19711.

Donors and residents may also participate through the crowd funding website.

All who have donated to the McKees Solar Park will be recognized here!

In addition to an outright donation, residential electric users will have the opportunity to make a one-time investment of $50 in return for a $0.01 per kWh rebate on one (1) 100 kilowatt-hour block of power generated from McKees Solar Park per month, which will displace the first 100 kwh of household consumption. All usage will be billed at prevailing retail rates, less the $1.00 monthly rebate for the 100-kwh solar block. This investment option expires after ten years and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please review the signup form for additional details. Once the McKees Solar Park is fully subscribed, the City will resume efforts to offer green energy on a premium subscription basis backed by renewable power generated outside of Newark.