McKees FAQ


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What is McKees Solar Park?
McKees Park is a 3.91-acre brownfield site off East Cleveland Avenue in Newark, Delaware being redeveloped for the purpose of a 230-kilowatt solar farm.
How is this Solar Park good for Newark residents?
This behind-the-meter renewable power source will serve all residents by reducing the City’s peak power demand, lowering the wholesale cost of power, generating solar renewable energy credits, bringing locally produced green energy to the City’s electric users, and reducing the City’s carbon footprint.

How many panels are being installed?

The 900-panel array will produce enough electricity to power approximately 26 to 36 homes, depending on the season.

When will the Solar Park be operational?

Official operations began in October 2014.

How is the Solar Park being funded?

The park is being funded with a combination of state-mandated green energy fee collections and generous donations from residents, businesses, and non-residents alike. Tax dollars are being used on the initial investment, but green energy funding and donations will replace the tax funding. Donations can be made here:

Do you have information posted online about McKees Solar Park?

More information about McKees Solar Park can be found at

What other things has Newark done to “go green?”

Newark is proud to put forth its long history of making energy conscious and environmentally-friendly choices at


How does the $50 investment work?

Residential electric customer my invest $50 in McKees Park, and the City will replace your first 100 kwh of power usage with 100 kwh generated from McKees Solar Park. You will continue to be billed for your entire electric usage pursuant to prevailing retail rates, but you will receive a $0.01 per kwh ($1.00 per month) rebate on the power generated from McKees Solar Park.

How many $50 investment opportunities are available?

200 reservations or "blocks" of solar power are available on a first-come, first-served basis to City of Newark residential electric customers only.

When will I begin receiving the rebate?

You will begin receiving the rebate on your monthly utility bill after McKees Solar Park is operational and generating power, which is expected by the end of summer 2014.


Can I simply make a donation to the City?

You may also complete a fillable form on the City’s website:
McKees Solar Park Donation and Investment Signup For

You may also print a form and manually fill it out at customer service (220 South Main Street) or from the City’s website:
McKees Solar Park Donation and Investment Signup For