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Business Parking Permit Interest Form

  1. Business Parking Permit Information
  2. Permit Limits

    The City of Newark is offering businesses the opportunity to purchase parking permits for their employees. Availability varies per parking lot. Requests must be made by Monday, May 24, 2023.

    After each business has reached out to the Parking Division regarding the number of permits each would like to reserve, the City will assess if additional permits are available. All permit distribution is targeted for completion by Friday, June 30, 2023.  Businesses must purchase parking permits on behalf of their employees. Businesses shall not authorize non-employees to purchase permits or sell a permit for more than the price set by the City. If it is discovered that permits are being resold to non-employees or at a higher rate than charged by the city, all parking permits will be revoked for that business for a period of one year.

    In phase one of the permit distribution, all businesses are eligible for 4 permits, but please request total # of permits needed.

  3. Available Permits by Lot w/ Rates

    Please Indicate how many permits you would like for each lot.

  4. $600 Bi-Annual Permit

  5. $900 Bi-Annual Permit

  6. $900 Bi-Annual Permit

  7. $1,200 Bi-Annual Permit

  8. $1,200 Bi-Annual Permit

  9. Additional Permits

    If additional permits became available would you be interested in purchasing more? 

  10. If you have indicated that you are interested in purchasing a permit, our office will be in touch regarding your selection. Thank you.
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