Payments & Utility Billing

What We Do

The Payments & Utility Division is responsible for providing assistance to utility customers in:

  • Establish and terminate utility service 
  • Answer billing and service inquiries 
  • Process customer payments – utilities, taxes, permits 
  • Manage delinquent utility account receivables 
  • Provide customer education and information regarding city operations 
  • Meter reading and validations 
  • Maintain and update customer demographics – name changes, contact information 
  • Oversee utility billing operations 
  • Support customers with Customer Connect inquiries 

Setting Up an Account

To set up or close an account or for questions concerning your utility bill, please contact customer service during normal business hours. Rental units may use our online account set up services.

New Rental Accounts

The City of Newark does require a security deposit for all new rental accounts. The security deposit is $300. Homeowners do not need to make a security deposit.

Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts also require a security deposit which is based on the type of business and size. Security deposits are calculated by twice the average or projected consumption in accordance with City Code, Section 11-16. The City factors the square footage, along with measuring the same or similar type of business. The minimum deposit is $300.

Efficiency Programs

As residents  and businesses of the City, our customers have access to efficiency programs via Energize Delaware and Efficiency Smart. Please visit their websites or contact them directly for their latest efficiency offerings.