Customer Service

The customer service function provides assistance to utility customers in:
  • Establishing and terminating service
  • Answering billing and service inquiries
  • Managing delinquent utility accounts receivable
  • Providing customer education
In conjunction with the City Manager, the department prepares a five-year capital improvement program and annual operating budget.

New Rental Accounts

New services for rental units require a minimum deposit of $300 to ensure the account has a $0 balance at termination. If an account is closed with a balance, the security deposit will first be applied to that and the difference will be mailed to the account holder. Security deposits are refundable after three years of good payment history or upon moving from the property. The refund process may take up to four weeks. In addition to the security deposit, a $30 non-refundable application fee will appear on the first bill.

Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts also require a security deposit which is based on the type of business and size. Security deposits are calculated by twice the average or projected consumption in accordance with City Code, Section 11-16. The City factors the square footage, along with measuring the same or similar type of business. The minimum deposit is $300.