Newark Transportation Plan

About the Plan
  • To view the Transportation Plan as prepared by WILMAPCO and adopted by Council on October 10, 2011, please visit the WILMAPCO website.
  • Please note that the 2011 Transportation Plan is dated material. Page 31 of the Plan references “Morepark,” a system that the City is no longer considering. Additionally, it references a parking garage with commercial space; however the City is not currently pursuing a parking garage in Lot #1.
  • For the most current DART routes, visit their website here. The most current Unicity routes can be found on the City’s website here.
  • The City currently is working to update transportation planning for Newark through the Transportation Improvement District Committee. The end result of this Committee’s work will be the implementation of a Transportation Improvement District in conjunction with the Delaware Department of Transportation. Information about this effort can be found on the City’s website here.