Record Requests

Discovery Requests 

If you would like to request discovery for an open criminal or traffic case, fill out the discovery request form and return it to the City Secretary's office. 

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request 

The State of Delaware Freedom of Information Act and the City of Newark Freedom of Information Act Policy provide citizens with the mechanism to request information about City government.

To submit a request, please click here to fill out a FOIA request form and submit it to the City Secretary’s office. The City has 15 business days to respond to FOIA requests by producing the information, denying the request under one of the exemptions outlined in the statute, or stating that more time is needed to fill the request.

For information about costs, exemptions, and other parts of the City FOIA Policy, please click here. The FOIA Coordinator for the City of Newark is the City Secretary per the City’s FOIA Policy. City Secretary Tara Schiano can be reached at 302-366-7000 or for FOIA-related inquiries.