Yard Waste and Mulch Information


Green Wednesday yard waste collection program will resume a normal schedule on Wednesday, March 3!

Strict adherence to the below reminders will be required; failure to comply may result in further suspension of the program.

  • If you need a 2nd cart, you may only use your trash cart – not your recycling cart – providing it is free of trash and clearly labeled “Yard Waste Only”.
  • Only city-provided carts will be emptied.
  • Cart lids must be closed.
  • Nothing outside carts will be collected.
  • No man-made products of any kind allowed – “If it didn’t grow, it doesn’t go!

Also known as Green Wednesdays, yard waste is collected city-wide from the first Wednesday in March to the first Wednesday in December.  For quick answers to common questions, visit the Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste page.

During the winter months, residents may also schedule a yard waste collection by calling the Public Works and Water Resources Department at 302/366-7000.

About Yard Waste Collection

  • All residents are required to use an automated yard waste cart for all yard waste collection (green cart with brown/tan lid). The cart is provided at no charge by the city.
  • If you do not have a yard waste cart, or would like to purchase a 2nd cart ($75), please call the Department of Public Works and Water Resources at 302/366-7000.
  • If you would like to use your existing trash cart (not recycling) for yard waste, this is allowable but the cart must be free of all non-yard waste items and the cart must be labeled with a sign, with bold lettering stating "YARD WASTE ONLY" taped on the side of the cart facing oncoming traffic. If there is no sign on the cart, the driver will assume it contains refuse, and will not empty it.
  • All yard waste must be contained within the automated cart, with the lid closed.  Nothing outside the cart will be collected.
  • No man-made material may be placed in a yard waste cart for collection.  Mixing non-yard waste materials with yard waste may result in a fine of up to $100.  Conversely, mixing yard waste with household trash and/or recycling may also result in a fine up to $100.  Note: The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s permit for the Delaware Solid Waste Authority’s landfill operation in Wilmington includes a ban on dumping all yard waste effective January 24, 2008.
  • With the exception of weeks containing a holiday, yard waste is picked up every Wednesday, and only on Wednesdays, starting the first week of March and continuing until the final collection the first week of December. There are no special collections or bulk pick-up services for yard waste.  During winter months, yard waste may be collected only by calling the Department of Public Works and Water Resources at 302/366-7000 to schedule.
  • Need mulch? The city mulches collected yard waste and leaves. Residents may pick up the mulch for free at the New London Road water tower site!

What may I put in my yard waste cart?

  • Brush (up to 6 inches in diameter)
  • Garden Debris (dirt-free)
  • Grass Clippings
  • Landscaping Trimmings
  • Leaves

What may I not put in my yard waste cart?

  • Christmas wreaths and household plants
  • Dirt, trash, and recycling (non-yard waste)

Free Mulch Information

  • Commercial uses are not allowed.
  • Dumping of any material is strictly prohibited.
  • Leaves and grass that are collected through the leaf, yard waste, and Christmas tree collection programs are recycled at the City of Newark water tower location on Route 896.
  • Residents are welcome to pick up unlimited quantities of this material for use at their residential (not commercial) properties.

Helpful Info…

Make more of your lawn for less! Consider leaving grass clippings and leaf mulch on your lawn. It is an environmentally sound practice that replenishes the nutrients in your soil for a healthy, lush lawn.

If you simply have too much yard waste to handle between Wednesdays, the State of Delaware maintains a local site for residents to drop off yard waste. It is located at 1034 South Chapel Street (Route 72, just south of I-95). For more information on yard waste drop-off sites, please click here.

Please contact the City of Newark Public Works Department at (302) 366-7000 with any questions.

Commercial Businesses/Apartments

The owner or manager of the property is responsible for ensuring that yard waste is separated from normal refuse and making arrangements with a private hauler or landscaping company for the collection and disposal of yard waste.