What is the Renewable Energy Program?

In partnership with its citizens, Newark is striving to become a more sustainable community, one which meets the needs of its present inhabitants while preserving for future generations the finite local and global resources and our natural environment. As part of the roadmap to becoming more sustainable, the City has established goals related to how we provide electric power to customers via our Sustainability Plan. One of the City’s goals is to procure renewable generation resources for our distributed electricity mix of at least 30% by 2025, 65% by 2035, and 100% as soon as practicable but no later than 2045. At this moment, over 20% of the City’s power is derived from renewable energy, which is solar and wind.

City residents and businesses have shown consistent support for including renewable resources in the rest of our power supply mix — even if such resources are more expensive than non-renewable power sources. All newly established utility accounts are automatically enrolled in the program. Existing customers can enroll here. Since this is a voluntary charge, new customers may also opt out of the program completing the same form.

The Renewable Energy Program can be read about in its entirety on our webpage.

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