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1. How do I open and close a utility account as a tenant/renter?
2. What fees or deposits are required for residential electric service for new tenants?
3. What information is required to establish electric service for a residential rental property?
4. I am a new homeowner, how do I put the service in my name?
5. How do I pay my utility bill?
6. Can I pay my ticket online?
7. What is the customer charge listed on my bill?
8. How do I make payment arrangements?
9. I disagree with the amount of my bill, what should I do?
10. I need help paying my bills, what can I do?
11. What is the “Energy next” line on my bill?
12. What is Budget Billing?
13. How do I change the name on the bill?
14. I am a tenant who is unable to place water service in my name, why?
15. What is Customer Connect?
16. I am having trouble selecting a password for my Customer Connect account.
17. What payment methods are accepted?
18. Are my Customer Connect transactions secure?
19. How can I register my address for medical emergencies?
20. Do you offer rebates or incentives for energy conservation?
21. I am moving; will my Customer Connect account automatically transfer over to my new address?
22. Can customers sign up for Preauthorized Payments (PAP) or Budget Billing through Customer Connect?
23. Who can I reach out to for Customer Connect assistance?