Better Newark Award

Created in 1986, the “Better Newark Award” recognizes individuals who have made improvements to the appearance of their properties, as well as those who have improved Newark’s overall sustainability through energy, soil, or water conservation. 

Literally hundreds of local backyards have been renovated to enhance the environment, earning Newark an overall designation as a “Community Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Federation. A few “Better Newark” recipients include the residents of Fountainview, as well as Ruth and Ben Toole of Arbour Park. The Toole’s backyard was transformed from untamed wilderness to an attractive oasis of native plants surrounding a rock patio, complete with a dry riverbed to alleviate storm water washing out the landscaping. Across town in Fountainview, residents worked with their property maintenance company to install native plantings around storm water ponds. Not only attractive amenities, the new landscape provided habitat for predators of the geese that took up residency in the ponds, encouraging them to move elsewhere. 

The CAC is continually looking to provide additional recognition to all residents who have taken the lead in landscape sustainability, and is seeking nominations for the Better Newark Award. Landscapes that help to manage storm water, create habitats for wildlife, and incorporate native plants are of particular interest, as their benefits extend far beyond the installed landscape itself.

For more information on this award, to apply, or to nominate someone else please click here for a nomination form, to be considered by the CAC.