Extra Duty Officers

Off-duty Newark Police Officers may be hired by private entities to perform law enforcement functions.  These functions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing security
  • Patrolling a specific location
  • Directing traffic

Certain jobs do not qualify for off duty employment of a Newark Police Officer.  These jobs include, but are not limited to, working for bail bond agencies, investigative work for insurance companies, private investigators, collection agencies or jobs outside the City of Newark.

All requests to hire off-duty Newark Police Officers will be reviewed to determine whether the request meets criteria for approval. 

Requests for employment of off-duty Newark Police Officers are handled by Extra Duty Solutions (EDS).  To request an extra duty detail, please complete the online request form using this link. If the detail is recurring or is for multiple days, please document that information in the comments section of the form.  An EDS Account Manager will contact you for clarification if needed.

The following are some requirements that may be applicable to the job:

  • No job can begin until a request has been completed through EDS.
  • For officer and public safety, a minimum number of officers may be required for an event. The Newark Police Department and EDS reserve the right to determine the number of officers required for the duty requested in the application.
  • Officers must be hired for a minimum of three (3) hours.
  • Four (4) hours notice is required for events canceled due to weather. Twenty-four (24) hours notice is required for all other cancellations. Failure to cancel with proper notice will result in a three (3) hour minimum charged for each officer scheduled.
  • Extra duty details are filled on a voluntary basis and the potential for unfilled requests exists.  The Newark Police Department may, at its discretion, cancel any off duty jobs due to Departmental conflicts.

Jobs should be scheduled at least ten (10) days prior to the start of the event.  

Questions about hiring off-duty Newark Police Officers may be directed (24 hours/day) to EDS at (302) 212-0098 or via email.

Click here to request an off-duty Newark Police Officer and to view additional terms, including current hourly rates.

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