Records Unit

Records Requests

The Records Division receives all requests for police incident reports and traffic collision (crash) reports.

Under Delaware law, only the victim listed on a crime report is eligible to receive a victim's copy of a crime report.  The first victim's copy is free.  Additional victim's copies are $20 each. Crime reports can only be released to non-victims pursuant to a subpoena or other legal means.

Only persons or vehicle owners (or their insurance companies) listed on a collision report can receive a copy of the report. Collision reports cost $20 each and serious injury/fatality collision reports are $60 each.

Police reports are NOT subject to release pursuant to the Delaware Freedom of Information Act.

Picture ID is required to obtain a report.

Requests for police reports can be made using this form.

The Records Division can be reached at (302) 366-7100 - option 3 - between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

More information about the Records Unit can be found here.

Alarm Registration

In Newark, no alarm user shall operate, or cause to be operated, an alarm system at its alarm site without a valid alarm registration. A separate alarm registration is required for each alarm site.

The alarm registration application form must be submitted to the alarm coordinator within 30 days after the alarm system activation or alarm system takeover.

The Application and a fee for each system shall be filed with the coordinator's office for each calendar year.

The registration fee for a burglary alarm system is $10.00. If the system includes a panic or robbery alarm, an additional fee of $10.00 is required.

If a residential alarm user is over the age of 65, or has a disability, or has been awarded funds for the installation of an alarm system by the Delaware Victim's Compensation Assistance program and is the primary resident of a residence where no business is conducted, alarm registration may be obtained without the payment of a registration fee.

The Alarm Permit Application Form can be found here.

Additional information about alarm registration requirements in Newark can be found here.